Ceiling Draping Sheer Voile Chiffon Ceiling Drape Panel Wedding 19 Sizes 2 Color"

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WHY ORDER FROM US? WE ONLYSPECIALIZEIN TEXTILE DECOR OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! CLEAN JOB ---HIGHEST QUALITY FABRIC --- LOWEST PRICES PLEASE CONTACT SELLER REGARDING EXPEDITED (FASTER) SHIPPING THIS LISTING IS FOR (1) PANEL Ceiling ! At the Top and Bottom of Each Panel There is a 3-4 inch pocket for rod or pole Entry All Edges have surged finish 100% Voile Approximate Dimensions: FEET: INCHES: 10ft W x 4ft H 120" W x 48"H 10ft W x 5ft H 120" W x 60"H 10ft W x 6ft H 120" W x 72"H 10ft W x 7ft H 120" W x 84"H 10ft W x 8ft H 120" W x 96"H 10ft W x 9ft H 120" W x 108"H 10ft W x 10ft H 120" W x 120"H 10ft W x 11ft H 120" W x 132"H 10ft W x 12ft H 120" W x 144"H 10ft W x 13ft H 120" W x 156"H 10ft W x 14ft H 120" W x 168"H 10ft W x 15ft H 120" W x 180"H 10ft W x 16ft H 120" W x 192"H 10ft W x 17ft H 120" W x 204"H 10ft W x 18ft H 120" W x 216"H 10ft W x 19ft H 120" W x 228"H 10ft W x 20ft H 120" W x 240"H 10ft W x 25ft H 120" W x 300"H 10ft W x 30ft H 120" W x 360"H 10ft W x 40ft H 120" W x 480"H

Also available in ANY size ANY Color for more information contact us we can custom make! SIZING: If using for an event, you will likely require multiple drape panels. Depending on the look you are going for and how much you plan on gathering each drape, each 120" or 10 ft wide panel may cover anywhere from 2-3 feet. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GATHERED LOOK (AS SEEN IN THE PICTURE) YOU MUST PURCHASE 2-3 TIMES MORE THAN THE AREA BEING USED FOR.

  • - If you require more than one panel you can increase the " quantity" to any number at the top of the page.
  • Best Used for: Panels, Drapes, Roof Drapes, chair Sashes, Dresses, Banquet Room Divider, Window Treatment Decor, Special Event Decor, Panels, Color: 2 COLORS

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